Child Services

New Horizons has a dedicated child advocate to help ease the transition for children coming to shelter. The advocate will spend time with the child one on one, and also in a group setting so the child feels comfortable in their new surrounding. Children will participate in age-appropriate activities that address self esteem and safety planning. Children at HEART is a program for youth, ages 6-12, affected by domestic violence. The support group focuses on educating youth on family violence, helping them safety plan, and develop their self-esteem.

“Children have a great time talking about their feelings in a safe environment where there are other children who can relate and there is no judgment from their peers. Learning new coping methods, such as drawing or listening to music to reduce stress, can be both helpful and enjoyable for kids.” –Children at HEART Facilitator

Girls' Circle is a support group for girls ages 8-12 who ahave been affected by domestic violence. The group will meet every Wednesday at 4:30pm at the Family Wellness Center starting January 3rd. Children are always affected by the abuse they witness. Statistics show that children who witness or experience domestic violence are more likely to become batterers or victims as adults.