Support Groups

To participte in any of our support groups, please call 860-344-9599. All services are free and confidential.

H.E.A.R.T.(Help End Abusive Relationship Tendencies) Support Group

This closed session, 8-week group is designed for current or past victims of domestic violence. Groups for adults and children. The group meets on Tuesdays from 6:30-8pm at the Family Wellness Center in Middletown CT. The next group starts April 10, 2018.

“HEART group is a great resource for change and growth for victims of domestic violence. During eight-weeks, they peel away different layers of trauma; and, as a facilitator, it is rewarding to watch survivors gain strength. It is natural to experience and address emotions, and the effects can be an important first step toward healing and new beginnings.” HEART Facilitator

Worried about who will take care of your children while you’re at HEART? Have them join Children at HEART! Children at HEART is a program focusing on educating youth on family violence, helping them safety plan, and develop their self-esteem.

“Children have a great time talking about their feelings in a safe environment where there are other children who can relate and there is no judgment from their peers. Learning new coping methods, such as drawing or listening to music to reduce stress, can be both helpful and enjoyable for kids.” –Children at HEART Facilitator

Girls' Circle is a support group for girls ages 8-12 who have been affected by domestic violence. The group will be held every Wednesday starting January 3rd at 4:30pm at the Family Wellness Center.