Intern & Volunteer

Interns and volunteers are an essential part of New Horizons’ services. We are proud of our volunteer program and grateful to the hundreds of hours of service each year these dedicated men and women provide.

Interns and volunteers can assist with:

• Shelter needs   • Fundraising   • Events   • Counseling  

• Community Outreach  • Child care  • Research   • Newsletters

Direct Service- Individuals wishing to work in shelter must complete a training. Following the interview process and successful background check, each direct service volunteer will complete five days of thorough training. Volunteers who complete the intensive training will then be certified as Domestic Violence Counselors. After you have obtained the certification, you can assist with client services or shelter/office tasks.

donation drive"Providing emotional support to clients in court was the part of the experience that I feel I was able to leave the most impact; I truly treasured that." - LH AmeriCorps Member

"Overall, I really love New Horizons and what it stands for. The staff is so respectful and caring of victims. I have enjoyed volunteering at New Horizons, and should I ever be in the area, I would love to come back again."- MC AmeriCorps Member

New Horizons takes up to 3 interns in the Fall semester (application due July 1), the Spring semester (application due December 1), and the Summer (application due March 1).

For more information, email Kelly Tea, Community Educator, at [email protected].


Community Fundraising Events/Third Party Fundraisers:

A third-party fundraising event is any activity by a group or individual not affiliated with New Horizons. This includes: facilitating a donation drive (ie…used cell phones, clothing, toiletries, school supplies), road race, benefit dinner or other event that requires little or no staff involvement

Please contact our office for more information (860) 344-9599


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