Dating Violence

Does Your Partner... 


1. Have extreme mood swings in which they are angry and yelling at you one minute, but being sweet and apologetic the next? 


2. Blame you when they mistreat you or defend their behavior by saying you provoked them, pressed their buttons or made them do it?


3. Hit, bite, push, scratch, strangle, kick or engage in any other physically abusive behaviors towards you? Use a weapon against you? Threaten to harm you, your children, family members, pets or themselves? Damage property as a means of intimidation?


4. Restrict your access to contraceptives such as birth control pills or condoms or deny you protection against sexually transmitted infections? Threaten to leave the relationship unless you become pregnant against your will? Force you to comply with their wishes to either get an abortion or continue an unwanted pregnancy? 


5. Pressure you for sex or push you further than you are comfortable? Attempt to manipulate or guilt-trip you in to performing sexual acts or sending sexual images?


6. Monitor your phone calls, text messages, emails, and/or social media accounts without your permission? Use technology as a means to track your whereabouts? 


7. Act in a possessive and jealous manner by keeping tabs on you and expecting you to “check-in” with them, isolating you from friends, relatives and co-workers, and accusing you of flirting with other people or cheating on them? 


8. Call you names, humiliate you, insult you or constantly criticize you? 


If you answered "YES" to any of these questions in thinking about yourself or someone you know, help is available. Call our 24-hour hotline at 1 (888) 774-2900 to speak with an advocate today!